Radek Dudek
Radek Dudek
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My story is a little different than most realtors you'll meet. I grew up in Poland and came to the United States almost two decades ago to work a seasonal job on a small fishing island off the coast of Maine. Long story short, 18 years later I found myself managing the biggest restaurant on the island. Along the way,  I met my wife and in between summers we traveled the world. After our daughter was born we decided it was time to lay down roots. I became a realtor so that I can share my appreciation for our beautiful area with others.

Having traveled extensively around the globe I have a unique appreciation for homeownership. Buying and selling property is one of the biggest milestones in our lives. During such an emotional event, we all hope for clear and honest communication and I assure you that is how I work with my clients. Trust, attention, and dedication are essential to my approach. And if given the opportunity my knowledge of the market, appreciation of our historic state and unique perspective will make buying or selling your home a successful and enjoyable experience.