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87 New Salem St # B,
Wakefield, MA 01880

Connor Catanzano
Phone: 888-730-3991

What we do:

● Assess code Regulation by property per specific city or town.

● Purchase appropriate hardware and alarms as needed.

● Install all alarms as needed to meet city/town code.

● Test/Verify all alarms are in working order.


● $150.00 Flat Fee plus cost of all smoke detectors. Any single family, condo, or multi-family property. (1-8 Alarms)

Licensing: CSL # CS-106226 / HIC #171784

John Cognata
Phone: 617-275-6726


2 Margin Street #182 Salem, MA 01970

133 Clarendon St #170017 Boston, MA 02117


David Faraca
Phone: 781-258-7319

Phone: 617-212-2247

Ralph Eaton
Phone: 617-851-9579

Connor Catanzano
Phone: 888-730-3991

Phone: 603-548-1436

97A Cambridge St,
Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: 781-272-1217

Tim Talbot
Phone: 781-223-1092